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Our Approach

In-depth assessment of your business's current status and goals.

Thorough evaluation of key areas relevant to your growth journey.

Practical steps to put the recommendations into action.

Your all-in-one solution for propelling growth

Benefits of the Consultation

Unlock Growth Potential

Address the core areas hindering your growth and create a roadmap for expansion.


Expert Insights

Benefit from the expertise of seasoned professionals in each field, guiding your business to success.


Strategy Simplified

Embrace a unified approach to growth that encompasses marketing, branding, HR & Legal

Transform Your Business

Witness a transformative impact on your business's performance, efficiency, and profitability.


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Steps to get the Consultation

Registration and NDA

Stay tuned for a personalized touch: Our dedicated team will be reaching out to interact and have current insights of the company.

Data Collection

Where Data Meets Precision: Our experts Scrutinize, You Succeed.­­­­­­


Elevating Your Understanding: Delivering Comprehensive Reports and Strategic Recommendations.

Your Journey Starts Here: Register for exclusive benefits and protecting your confidentiality is our priority, sign our NDA for peace of mind.


Explore, Investigate, and Acquire: Our Expertise in Field Research and Data Acquisition.

Analysis Of Data and Scrutiny

Unlocking Insights: Presenting you the Transformed Data into Actionable Knowledge.

Audit recommendations report submission

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Who is this Consultation for?

Directors & Entrepreneurs

Collaborate with our experts to ignite innovation, optimize operations, and expand your business horizons, hand in hand.


Collaborate with our experts to ignite innovation, optimize operations, and expand your business horizons, hand in hand.

Founders and Co-Founders

Collaborate with our experts to ignite innovation, optimize operations, and expand your business horizons, hand in hand.

Meet your Consultants


Aditya Deshpande

Director - ZDN Consulting Pvt. Ltd. & Co-Founder - OBlawgic Consulting LLP

With over 8 years of experience, Aditya has likely developed a deep understanding of various industries and the challenges they face. Aditya's focus on setting up systems and tracking modules in crucial areas like HR, Finance, Marketing, and overall strategies showcases a comprehensive approach to business improvement. By implementing effective systems and tracking mechanisms, companies can enhance their operations, optimize resource allocation, and make data-driven decisions.

Guiding over 120+ companies to the next level highlights Aditya's track record of successfully helping businesses achieve their growth objectives. Through his consulting services, Aditya and his team have likely provided valuable insights, strategic guidance, and practical solutions tailored to each company's unique needs.

Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 11.54.45 PM.png

Shreya Kalekar

Advocate, Co-founder & Managing Partner (B.S.L,LL,Masters, C.S., D.LL&LW)

Shreya has over 6 years of rich experience in the fields of Labour Laws, Drafting of Corporate Agreements and Litigation, Company Law, Prevention of Sexual Harassment at workplace and Prevention of Child Sexual Offences.

She has handled over 50+ clients with their legal and Employment issues


Shyam Deshpande

V.P Kalyani Group , B.E. Civil, M.Tech Structures (COEP, Pune), MBA Finance - Welingkar, Mumbai

Currently serving as Vice President at Kalyani Group (Khed City Project), with 30+ Years of experience, in the field of Project Management and previously worked with Bajaj Auto, Shapoorji Pallonji as Head of Projects he has mastered the key of resource management and especially finance, eloquent speaker at various platforms he loves to spread the knowledge of effective management.

Teacher - Art of Living, Yoga Teacher

Currently Vice President at Kalyani Group (Khed City Project)
Expert in Project Management & Financial Management with 30+ years of experience and an eloquent mentor for Spirituality and Music For Life

Exclusive Content

  • How will I get the link to attend the masterclass?
    You will get your individual Zoom link on the email address and WhatsApp number you register with. Reminders will be sent before the masterclass as well. Make sure you don't share the link with anyone, only one person can join with one link.
  • How will I get the tools?
    They will be delivered to you on your registered email address within 24-48 hours of the masterclass.
  • What will I learn
    Run a business with much more flexibility, which will be system driven. Track the business effectively with proper delegation. Develop a better hierarchy, roles matrix and leadership in the company.
  • Do you provide any other consultation?
    Yes, we do provide consultations but it is a part of our 3-month programme. Right now, this audit is to analyse the gaps in back end systems which will help you to formulate a strategy for business growth.
  • What you will get from this audit?
    An audit examines company’s present state, let it be it’s financial, marketing, human resource or legal state. Doing an audit helps in identifying potential issues and resolving them early, it helps in improving overall effectiveness and efficiency of the company.
  • How will you manage to keep data confidential?
    To keep your data confidential, the first step we do is to sign an NDA (Non- Disclosure Agreement), it’s a legal document which binds to confidentiality of your data.
  • How long it will take for an audit?
    Complete audit will be done within 3-4 weeks. At the end of the audit, you'll be given a detailed report and recommendations.

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