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The Volcano Effect

The Volcano Effect (TVE) is a 3 month, 360-degree business transformation program for a selected batch of Entrepreneurs via a comprehensive and holistic approach towards transforming an entire organisation. This program is curated by experienced consultants of ZDN Consulting Pvt Ltd.

It involves examining and revamping all aspects of the business to take it the next level. The program has everything right from learning from experts, consulting support, activities, networking and unlimited business opportunities. It will be held at a Scenic Location in the outskirts of the city where Fun & Bonding with different types of entrepreneurs is an added advantage of this program.

Build Connections

Forge lasting connections and expand your professional network in our dynamic ecosystem.

Break Barriers

it's time to break through barriers and embrace success in paradise for personal and professional growth.

Business Breakthrough

Escape the ordinary and embark on a transformative journey 

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